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Title: FDA Has Declared An Epidemic of Ecigarette Use By Adolescents
Post by: caz on September 14, 2018, 08:40:58 AM
FDA Has Declared An Epidemic of Ecigarette Use By Adolescents

By Dr Farsalinos

There have been some outstanding developments in the US in the past 2 days concerning e-cigarettes and flavors. The FDA has declared an epidemic of e-cigarette use by adolescents. Therefore, the FDA Commissioner announced that it requires “dramatic action to try to curtail this”. What they are looking for right now is to “remove the characterizing flavors from e-cigarette products”. According to information from the Chicago Tribune, the FDA has unpublished data showing a 75% increase in e-cigarette use among high school kids compared to 2017.

This is a very important development with multiple serious potential implications. For start, the duty of public health officials is to weigh the benefits and adverse effects of any intervention and check were the balance lies. If the adverse effects outweigh the benefits, of course aggressive action is needed. But if the opposite is true, then you cannot simply ignore the benefits and take action only based on the adverse effects. This is public health harm. The FDA officials certainly know that.

Interestingly, the main purpose of this action is to avoid adolescents being addicted to nicotine through e-cigarettes, with some of them transitioning to smoking (based on some studies showing that ever e-cigarette use at baseline is associated with ever smoking at follow up). At the same time, the FDA has acknowledged that this action could hurt some of adult smokers who may need flavors in order to quit and stay away from smoking. Where is the balance between the harm from nicotine addiction and the benefit of a smoker quitting? To answer, I will simply mention the findings of a systematic review paper about the relationship between snus use and cancer. Of note, snus users obtain similar or higher amounts of nicotine daily compared to smokers. The authors reported that in the US in 2005 among men aged 35 years or over, there were a total of 104,737 deaths from seven cancers were attributed to smoking. If none of the smoked but the whole population (including never smokers) were using snus, there would have been 2,081 deaths (instead of 104,737 deaths). To make it more clear, if the whole population was addicted to nicotine through snus, there would be 2,081 cancer deaths attributed to it instead of the 104,737 deaths attributed to smoking. For cardiovascular disease, several studies of snus have shown no elevated risk (examples here, here and here). I will not suggest that there is no risk, but the risk (if any) is minimal. In fact, in two of the studies the authors clearly mentioned that “Nicotine is probably not an important contributor to ischemic heart disease in smokers” and “… nicotine is unlikely to contribute importantly to the pathophysiology of stroke”. This evidence has never been refuted but is simply ignored and hidden from the public. But it is important to think whether the public health community should worry about a dependence associated with very low health risk or an addiction with substantial disease and death burden.

More on the above link
Title: Re: FDA Has Declared An Epidemic of Ecigarette Use By Adolescents
Post by: vapingfool on September 14, 2018, 09:06:21 AM
The fact that is most hidden from the public is that if the drug/cigarette companies had control of vaping, it would have been approved years ago and promoted as a great health breakthrough.

Title: Re: FDA Has Declared An Epidemic of Ecigarette Use By Adolescents
Post by: CYBORG on September 14, 2018, 04:04:57 PM
Better than a 75% increase in smoking.
How many vapers do you know that use tobacco flavour and how many use some of the flavourers that actually taste nice ? (me for one)
Title: Re: FDA Has Declared An Epidemic of Ecigarette Use By Adolescents
Post by: Darth Vaper on September 14, 2018, 08:45:52 PM
It's coming from the pod crowd. The ones that use salts and the device looks like a usb flash drive.

People will just add flavoring on there own so they aren't going to really get very far with all that junk. It's just the FDA using "kids" as the excuse to try and flex some muscle.

The are using the "sale to minors" as their means to get a foothold in door. Stores aren't doing a very good job ID'ing young people to stop minors from buying. Its at the same rate though as regular tobacco products.

They should focus on sale to minors which is the root of the problem. The laws really don't do much to people who sell tobacco products to minors... for the most part it's just a slap on the wrist for the first handful of times they are actually caught.

If was truly that they were trying to stop minors from using ecigs and the like it would be better to go after the stores selling to the minors. Attacking flavoring is just more or less the FDA trying to dig in to do other sorts of ruling. None of which is for the kids but more for serving there own agendas.

Whenever a politician or a government agencies is on the do it for the kids bandwagon its safe to say they have other motives and the kids are the last thing they are concerned with. Unless "kids" is a code word for "money"  :{

We are talking about the same agency that approves of all sort of colorings (which are unsafe) in candy, cereals and just about any thing you shove down a kids yap. Honestly if they were all about the kids I kinda doubt so many of them would have all sorts of allergies that you see these days with them.