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So i took the plunge and bought one as my aerotank was getting boring the guy in shop made it up single coil so can copy it as template and start building reads 1.5ohm on my ivp at 12 watts just tastes awful no flavour at all burning he said adjust the screw which i did worked for a few puffs then burn again what am i doing wrong


Burning tastes are invariably down to poor wicking. Can you change/adjust the wick yourself?

Try tightening up the air flow as tight as it will go and see if improves. If it does it's certainly a wicking issue. Also try taking 'primer puffs' - Draw on it hard without firing a couple of times. This pulls more juice into the coil. Again, if this improves things it's down to wicking.

Kayfun i mean duh ill give it a shot he owns a vape store so should be pretty good id hooe

When tighten cant draw at all


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