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Storm-A clone
« on: June 10, 2014, 04:50:36 AM »
Also built this tonight from today's vapemail.  It's a vertical-coil dripper with significant wells for juice.  Said wells are not connected to each other though... seems like that's a mistake, but so far, I haven't had one side dry out while the other was still wet.  Kind of expecting it, though.

It's a clone, as stated, and the top-cap (it's 3-piece: deck, middle with air-holes and drip-tip hole, then the sleeve that goes down over the middle piece to make the air adjustable) is just barely held on by its o-rings.  Might have to try the dental-floss trick.

Anyway, built it with ribbon, .5 ohms as usual, and it's doing GREAT - but really no better than my dual-horizontal micro-coil Caterpillar dripper.

Air flow is enough that I don't feel the need to drill it out, and the screws - unlike my Kraken - seem to capture the ribbon just fine, as long as it's lying flat.  It's very shiny, looks like chrome-plating, not SS.  So it looks kind of off from the SS mod that it's sitting on.  Anywho, no complaints about it, overall, just the kind of loose AFC skirt, and some uncertainty that having "vertical coils" is really advantageous much.  I suppose it holds more juice because of the wells.
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