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Making The Perfect Coil Video

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That's inspired :o I'll be trying that.  Thanks for finding the vid Horsman  :)

Good one Tony -- thanks!

Gonna give it a go tonight. Haven't received my new kanthal/ekowool yet so I'll have to make due with other pieces laying about.


--- Quote from: Horseman on July 07, 2013, 06:40:11 AM ---Well now.  I think this is hands down the best video I have watched to date on making the perfect coil.  Now I will warn you up front.  The person doing this video talks very slowly and repeats and repeats himself.  Making the video rather boring.  That is unless you want to know how to make the perfect coil and wick.  Then you just endure his way of speaking and learn.

Hope this is helpful to others

--- End quote ---
Well done vid, that was helpful


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