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Please, if you are motivated enough, contact your local MP, go to see them if you have to. See if we can get the following question asked in Parliament:

Is it true the MHRA has based a public policy health decision on research
done by tobacco giant British American Tobacco?

Is it also true the decision to regulate electronic cigarettes benefits
British American Tobacco and not the roughly one million people who have
switched to electronic cigarettes?

Has the MHRA therefore put the interests of a big tobacco company above the
public health?

I have the BAT research from MHRA if anyone wants to look at it. It looks
like the MHRA have realised their PR boob and taken it down.

Will try to post a couple of screenshots of the documents that 'were' on the MHRA website:

this is a total shambles:

who was at this meeting?

a lot of the documents posted have been redacted like this

That is really strange Charlie!



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