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VX Mark:
Hey guys,
Looks like we have a few threads going on so I think it may be a good idea to have one thread with our updates and such.
I let Cody know to post new stuff here.
For the admins, If you think it will make things easier, we can use this thread for our posts you can move the others threads here if you think.

Good idea :) I'll have a look through tomorrow and see what i can do :)

VX Mark:
Good news,
The Vamo's are now back in stock.
New flavors on the way. 3 new menthols, 3 new tobacco, and 2 new RY4's, Havana Banana,
Coumarin Pipe Tobacco. Yummy!
The iClear 16, iClear 16 replacement heads and iClear 30 replacement heads, all on the way
900mah and 1100mah pass-through almost back in stock and on the way.
The 1100mah Grenade battery is on the way.
CE5 in colors, on the way.
New Vivi Nova's and heads on the way
Old Vivi Nova heads on the way (finally)  ???
And for those who are interested, we have an Atomizer called the Saturn. Made just like the Vision Eternity.

VX Mark:

--- Quote from: cath77 on March 02, 2013, 10:09:25 PM ---Good idea :) I'll have a look through tomorrow and see what i can do :)

--- End quote ---


Mark Burton:
oh man... new juices eh?  my credit card just cringed.... :(


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