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Stopped Smoking at 16!

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So today, 15th April 2012, is my 16th "Birthday"!  I know I'm 50 years old but I'm also 16 years alive.

On this day in 1996 I was living in Suffolk, a happily married man with a House, a wife and working as a Nurse in Essex.  I've always had motorbikes since I was eight years old and had only stopped for a few months in 1995 when I got married and the finances of new house and such stuff meant that we had to be a bit carefuk for a while.  After my wife realised how much I missed two wheels we talked and I bought another Bike. It was a US imported Suzuki GV1200 Magura, shaft drive V4 engine. I got it on the 14th April 1996 and the next day set off for the 17 mile journey to work. Next thing I was aware of was being in a bed and hearing a mans voice saying "If he bleeds again we're going to lose him". I didn't have any feeling for what I'd heard and relaxed again. Next thing was 5 weeks later when I heard a femal voice saying "Hello" and opened my eyes to see what was happening. I had set off from home and the bike had siezed up on an "S-Bend" throwing me down the road about 55mph. The police later told my wife thatthe skid mark told them I had held it bloody well until it High sided me and that was the bit when my head hit the road and fractured the skull in three places. I'd been rushed to Hospital purely by the lucky fact of a woman that lived a few hundred yards away, it was a quiet country road, had heard a bang and looked out to see me laid in the road. She called the Ambulance and they ferried me to Colchester Hospital who did some tests and said that I needed to be in intensive care at a Brain Injuries specialist place and shunted me down to Romford. I was in the coma for 5 weeks or so and the first thing I did when I came round was to scream for cigarettes!  The Hospital staff were so stunned by my going from Vegetable to Smoker in a flash made them actually allow me to smoke in the hospital, again they thought I wasn't going to survive.
When I was discharged a few weeks later I had to have 24 hour care and movement was restricted to wheelchair and carer as I had no concept of real World and was almost totally hemiplaegic on my right hand side. The one thing that was continuous all through my waking hours was smoking. I started smoking when I was 8 years old and it was as normal as breathing for me. 12 months after I got home I was not the man that married my wife and not the man she married, if that makes sense, and we seperated. I moved to a rented house with Carers still and all my money went on smoking. In the past 16 years I have moved from wheelchair to walking sticks and am now pretty much self supporting in most ways. I still have permanent pain and some paralysis but I cope with it.  I lost my mother to Emphysema and my Father to Lung cancer. I am asthmatic as well. Guess what has been the only constant of the 16 years now ::) SMOKING!
When I discovered Vaping at the end of February this year I was hopeful and the smoking went down to pretty much a pack a week or less!  Still not been able to call myself an ex smoker completely yet.  In 2008 I was so much in debt, buying cigarettes instead of paying debt, that I was judged Officially Bankrupt for a year. It meant that finances were really tighter than before and the only cruth that helped me through those times was..... SMOKING :'(
Tonight I've been reading a few of the threads in the Success stories area of the board and it has made me do some serious thinking, not easy with a broken head!
I had a cigarette at 7-15pm on the 14th April and was going to have a walk out to the local shop to buy a 10 pack, I might not have smoked them all in a few days but I need to know I have them in case I need one.  I didn't!
When I were a lad it was illegal to buy cigarettes under 16 years of age so, on my NEW 16th Birthday I'm being a rebel and NOT buying any cigarettes.
For the first time in my life I have an acceptance in my mind that I've already HAD my last cigarette and, I feel a little nervous, don't actually want to smoke any more.  The One thing that I can see in my mind as being the Starter for my New Life is this Forum and the UK Vapers forum. Both places where the general attitude of the members gives me a feeling of Motivation, empathy and support.
Thank you all for that and I am happy to be a part of something that can make a difference to somebody as addicted as myself.

Sorry for the Long Winded post but it's my special Day and I want to let people know of my thanks 8) :)

Wow, that's quite a story.

I'm also a motorcycle enthusiast and have had my share of get-offs.  I've been fortunate that I've never been seriously injured.  It's just a matter of luck.  There are two kinds of bikers, those that have gotten off and those that have yet to get off.  I just sold my latest bike a few months ago, but I'm not sure if I'm going to buy another one.  It was a dual sport bike and I mostly took it out off-road, but with the hazards of motorists not paying attention out there, I'm not sure if I want another street bike.

In any case, it's good to hear that you are getting on fairly well since the accident and congrats on 16 years alive and well.

Vaping has a very high success rate as a replacment for smoking so if you don't want to smoke, it's almost a guarantee that you will be able to vape instead.  I was the heaviest of smokers for 30 some years and have found vaping a more than adequate replacement.

Wow PD  that is quite a story.   :(

I think you've done really great so far and we are all here if you need any advice or support.   

Congrats on your rebel quest  ;D

 Good to see you have the acceptance youíre my mind that youíve already HAD your last cigarette.
I think thatís a great way to state it.

Thanks all. Going to bed now and try not to twitch too much after having a mouthfull of Nic' juice from a dodgy Clearomiser thingy just now ???


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