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im after a mod or standard vv device im open to suggestions in my quest for another mod to relace my lava tube or at least give it some time on the subs bench

Am the same ean no real advise apart from getting the obvious provari, I have been looking at the darwin as well. I think what I might go with though if I can get hold of one is the Megalodon, and maybe get the kick to try with it.  ;D

A second LavaTube?  A mini LavaTube?
Or, if you don't mind spending the money, a ProVari? ;D

i second what 8Ball said   a mini lava tube,  they are sooo cute and a lot smaller than the huge lavatube  8)

thanks guys i cant justify the expense of a darwin or provari  :(

the lava tube mini im not sure the botton being central rather than near the top is stopping me

i am thinking more mod single or double battery but not seen anything great yet


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