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Photo Tutorial

Decided to do an adding photo tutorial as we are often asked the question,  how do I add a photo here?    So heres a brief tutorial of how.

I use the following site as you dont have to register and i find it simple to use -   Go to the tinypic site.

1.   At top where it says File,  click on browse and add photo from your computer
2.   Resize -  Click on drop down box and choose  website/email,  this is the one i always use when adding photos
3.   Click on upload now

4.  Type in the security code word
5.  Click on Upload Now

6.  Copy the 2nd code down
7.  Paste the code into your message box on forum
8.  Click on Preview on the right hand side of message box and you will see the photo before you post

Sorry about the quality of the last image, for some reason the text decided to go smaller  ???.

If anyone wants to add any alternative ways of adding photos, please feel free  ;D

Is it just me or has photobucket gone weird? Never had a problem with it before but tried to use some pictures on there and couldn't transfer the link :-\

i had that problem,  couldnt even find anything for a code,  then i scrolled over the picture and a little icon came up in the right hand corner,  then i think you had to click on the option get media links,  confused the hell out of me at first,   havent logged into my account for a long time,  it used to annoy me was glad when someone told me about tinypic. 

I think i'll upload to tinypic and use that then, just tried it again and everytime i try and transfer the code it just says 'copied' but don't know where it's copied to lol ??? :D

you should be able to right click on the message box of the forum and paste  ;)


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