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GoodSense Vapor 306DCA
« on: April 05, 2012, 04:14:40 AM »
I know I'm a bit behind the "vanguard" with this review but here you go - I get around to things eventually!

I've become quite a fan of LR306 atomisers - my current favourite being the Cisco 1.5ohm 306 - and I came to the conclusion that something like a Drip Shield (like I use on my beloved LR901 atomisers) was needed.  Having read peoples' views on the DCA, I decided to go for it and ordered the "Special Edition Kit" from Lisa at Cloud 9.

It came by return of post, but - shock! - was wrapped in blue tissue paper instead of Lisa's usual purple!  But I digress, anyway, here's what I got:

Yes - I know you can't see well through the plastic - i just thought it was worth showing the packaging :)

The compartmentalised plastic holder was attached to a card.  One side showed quality control information:

I thought this was a nice touch - good to know it was tested!

The other side of the card showed instructions:

I found these instructions to be more than adequate...

So - what's actually in the "kit"

Firstly, a spare "Viton fluoroelastomer" o-ring and Nylon washer - I have no idea what "Viton fluoroelastomer" is - must look it up sometime :)

and secondly a spare brass centre pin:

Next came three DCA "upper pieces" in "small", "large" and "medium" sizes.  Useful given the big variation in 306 atomisers - I've had all sorts of bother with 306 drip-tips!

Here's a couple of close-ups of the "medium" one:

And lastly, the DCA main body:

Here is the connector end, showing the 510 threading, brass pin, "Viton fluoroelastomer" o-ring (I love that :) ) and a couple of bits of hair - damn, this microscope shows up every bit of crap :):

And here is the inside, you can just see the threading for the atomiser, and the brass pin and Nylon washer:

Assembly and Use

So, that's all the bits - now what?

Firstly I got a Cisco LR306 atomisers and tried it on the various upper pieces.  The GSV video uses the word "snug" a lot - so I looked for snug...   The "large" was just loose, and the "small" wouldn't take the atomiser, but the "medium" was - you guessed - "snug" - right down to the little gap described in the instructions!  Here it is:

I then screwed the DCA body "snugly" onto the upper piece:

I fitted a Super T wide-mouth drip tip:

And then fitted the whole thing "snugly" onto my Super T Precise Plus18350:

I then tried it out...   The way I had assembled it ("snug" before fitting to the Precise Plus) the DCA was it "tightest draw" position.  This proved spot-on for me, but I tried out loosening the draw.  This is done with the DCA on the device by unscrewing the top piece slightly and then tightening the bottom piece onto the device - this increases the gap between the top and bottom DCA sections and loosens the draw.  But I like tight ("snug" even :) )

The DCA work really well, it looks good (to me), I've had no leaks, and I get great vapour.  The vape is cooler than with a short 306 drip-tip but not so much so it bothers me.

Conclusion? - a good bit of kit that I dont regret buying.

I looked it up!

VitonŽ fluoroelastomer is the most specified fluoroelastomer, well known for its excellent (400°F/200°C) heat resistance. VitonŽ offers excellent resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals and has worldwide ISO 9000 and ISO/TS 16949 registration.


Viton O-rings have been used safely for some time in SCUBA diving by divers using gas blends referred to as Nitrox. Viton is used because it has a lower probability of catching fire, even with the increased percentages of oxygen found in Nitrox. It is also less susceptible to decay under increased oxygen conditions.

but I also noted:

At high temperatures or in a fire, fluoroelastomers decompose, and may release hydrogen fluoride. Any residue must be handled using protective equipment.

Better hope I dont get a venting battery whilst using the DCA then!
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Re: GoodSense Vapor 306DCA
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2012, 09:07:15 AM »
Great review Prof..... You made me want one.


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