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Taking atomizer conservation too far


Just so you know...

I frequently brag about how long my atomizers last with unflavored e-juice. It is possible to take this a bit too far.

Aspire Nautilus BVC 1.8Ω coil

This one was getting just a bit difficult on the draw. OTOH it lasted nearly a year.

wow,   thats a long long time 

Not bad going at all Pete  :)+1 :)+1
I don't really vape for the nick these days but more for the flavour or I would give it a go.
I do know that some flavours destroy coils at alarming rates especially dark coloured ones.

Darth Vaper:
I'm still using the same first coil I made for my Kayfun Prime ... it's been re-wicked every week since I have had it though.d

So glad I bought 50 feet of Kanthal.... I only used about 2 inches of it.   :{  <:>


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