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Hi all,

Long time no post.

I am just making a determined effort to go back to vaping, did to it for 5 years then drifted back to the weed

Just order the innokin kroma zenith,.

Bit miffed with this TPD restriction to 2ml tanks, got a mate going on hols soon will ask him to get me a couple of 4ml ones IF they take the same replacement heads/atty as the 2ml, anyone know the answer.

How much nic do I put in a 10ml mix to get about the same strength as say amber leaf rolling tobacco, will be using 54mg/ml raw nic



Hey Terreir. Regarding the TPD restrictions on the tank size, if your mate is going almost anywhere in Europe, the tank size will be the same. The coils will fit either size tank. They usually just make the tank taller(with an extender) or wider and put a removable plug/restricter in the tank.
The way around the restrictions is to order direct from China(Fasttech-heavengifts etc). There is a small chance customs could seize the goods, a small chance but still a chance.

Thanks Ian,

I thought that was EU countries, he is going to Turkey


Sorry, yeah it is EU countries. Can you get vape gear in Turkey??

Now that I don't know but would have thought so


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