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Drop Dead RDA by Hellvape, Heathen & TVC

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Drop Dead RDA by Hellvape, Heathen & TVC



And now for someone who says the flavour is awesome, different strokes for different folks
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Darth Vaper:
Seeing how the air slots are placed in relation to the coil I doubt flavor is awesome.

They look way too high up on the bell.

The original Drop has incredible flavour because the airflow holes run down the side of the RDA, forcing air under the coil. I'm not really a dripper guy(too lazy!!) but the Drop is a cracker. This is just, imo, a money grab.

Darth Vaper:
OK... maybe I didn't catch it right. I saw through the holes on one side and could see light through the holes on the other side.

Is this one different then the original?


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