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Author Topic: Understanding Battery’s ?  (Read 291759 times)

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Re: Understanding Battery’s ?
« Reply #525 on: October 10, 2016, 12:02:44 AM »
My mech mod batteries are SAMSUNG INR18650 -25R. 
there is a bit of difference between these and regulated mod batteries.  These give a high burst of power for a short time vs a regulated mod which delivers a longer, more steady supply of power.  Regulated mods can usually last the average person a full day on a single charge.  Mech mod users normally have 2 or more sets of batteries they run on. 

It is a myth that there is a significant difference in battery stress between regulated and mech mods. Because of the voltage conversion in the regulated mod being somewhat less than 100% efficient, plus possible startup current rush, the regulated mod may actually stress a battery slightly more than a mech - at the same wattage level.

Calling something a "burst" rating is really meaningless. If the time is short enough, any battery will safely produce very high currents - limited by whatever the circuit resistance plus internal resistance of the battery may be.

As far as I know, all batteries are rated at their continuous safe current. If some supplier/maker is using some other rating, such as some sort of intermittent use, the the batteries should be banned.

In vaping, usage is intermittent - not continuous. The user generally takes a few 10 second or less puffs, then goes a while before using the device again. Because of this, it is a rule of thumb that a person can safely vape at 1.5 times the continuous current rating of the battery. So a battery rated at 20 amps could be vaped at 30 amps.

I suspect, for most vapers not into cloud chasing, that they seldom go over maybe 30 watts. At 3.2 volts battery charge, that is a bit under 10 amps. Using the intermittent usage factor - that is under 6.5 amps.

I use mechs as well as regulated mods, all at the same wattage level, and have seen no significant difference in how long my batteries last. I prefer a regulated mod, since I get a uniform vaping experience from a fully charged battery all the way until the mod shuts down due to a depleted battery. Obviously, I do not get that uniform vape with my mechs.

Do you actually vape at over 175 watts for 3 seconds? There are regulated devices now that handle that much wattage, and more, easily. Whether they can do it safely depends on the batteries. 
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