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jeddy 3:
HI everyone,

So after 10, yes TEN attempts, I have finally cracked the coiling/wicking stuff.

I have Ian to thank for all of his input.

I have a question though for Ian (or anyone who might know the answer): On the previous 9 attempts, I was getting a little success only to find I was getting dry hits after about ten puffs. I took my stuff to the local vape shop and they said my wicking looked good and maybe it was the juice itself was maybe a bit thick and to try another flavor. I did this and still had the same problem.

On the 10th attempt I had  an error message "atomizer short". I loosened the screw at the bottom of the tank and hey presto, all is good.

My question: What exactly does that screw do?


Other than power, I know that they hold the base together.

They often hold the positive connection in place.
Could be that moving the screw has re-positioned the positive terminal that was causing the short.
Good to see you are all sorted  :)+1
The higher the % of VG in your liquid will make it thicker & that could cause the wicking issue.
The general opinion is that VG gives more vapor & PG gives flavor.
I mix at 50 / 50 and never have a problem in my Kayfuns.

jeddy 3:

That could be it Cy,

Anyway, all is good now, even on an 80%VG juice,


Glad you got sorted Jed. It is a bit of bitch to get right but when you do, imo, it's a great RTA. If you do get another error message with that tank when out and about, you can use your nail or your thumb to loosen the screw.
I don't know what brand or where you get your coils but Coilology sell pre-made coils which are great for this tank. They are framed staple Ni80, 3mm,
 .30ohms. They are a 10pk and cost around 2.50


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