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jeddy 3:
Hi Guys and Gals,

I just recently got an Ammit 25 RTA but it won't fit my current Mod, the ileaf Pico 75W. The Ammit is slightly wider that the Melo Mini and therefore the battery cap gets in the way.

Any thoughts on a decent replacement Mod that will be compatible?

Thanks in advance,


I've grown quite smitten with AsMODus, the Minikin V2 being a two 18650 mod, and the Colossal which is a 80W single 18650 mod.  I use the Colossal almost exclusively nowadays.  Those are the newest mods I have, but one of the older ones that I remember liking quite a bit is the Cuboid. :)Y) :)Y) :)Y)

I got nothing,   only use the istick. 

Basically any mod with a normal flat top, the choices are innumerable.
Its down to what functionality you want and your budget.
I also have a Pico & it goes everywhere with me often as a backup.
My 25mm attys fit perfectly (no overhang) on my Noisy Cricket v2, Tesla Punk 220 & the Aegis 26650 mod.

jeddy 3:

What I went with, in the end, was a REULEAUX RX Gen3 Dual, dunno why, just liked the look of it lol


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