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Whats up with all these refillable pod systems coming on the market,   seeing load of reviews lately,  they look like pregnancy tests.

Anybody tried any?

I bought the Juul last year!  At that time there were only two choices of pods, tobacco and menthol!  My experience with it was not good!  The pods leaked and the juice was way too strong!  The replacement pods were expensive too!  Still have it, but cleaned it up and put it away!  .

Was reading these are popular with students, no fuss!  K


I guess they're okay for those that don't know any better.  They must be GREAT if they work properly, akin to squonking I guess.  Just not for me.  Like Caz with her iSticks, I've found what works for me, why mess with that???  They're probably targeting more of the entry-level vapers.  It's a very appealing idea, like the ciga-likes, but with all of the available vaping tech, if you wanted  your vape to taste like a Thanksgiving Day dinner, you can make THAT happen.

Sorry.  I sound like an elitist asshole.  Not trying to offend anyone.  My filters aren't what they used to be.   x} x} x}

lol rik,  i thought the same thing as you did,   its probably the equivalent to a new vaper starting with a cigalike,  just wondered if anyone had tried one,    just found it strange that all the reviewers seem to be doing a few of these all of a sudden. 


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