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Real Tobacco Extracts - Update Feb 2018


New Tobacco Flavors From Real Extracts added in January 2018:

Hitchcock Mystery Cigar is a blend of the last years extracted cigar leaf - at least ten varieties. The more complicated the flavor notes, the better I think.

Cardenal Spanish Brandy spiked Cigar is one of my favorites as I really like sherry brandies from Jerez. It reminds me of four hour lunches sitting around smoking Cubans and sipping the wonderful brandy.

Fire-Cured Virginia fills a gap we had in the elixirs. Occasional requests for something a little more smokie finally exists.

Mapacho Wild Tobacco is just that - It is a non-typical wild variety that isn't a cig, cigar or pipe variety in the usual sense. It is naturally a very high nicotine content but since we don't extract the nic it isn't a factor. It is a very unique flavor profile that is very tobacco in character.

Pomegranate is a very pleasant slightly astringent fruit flavor that works very well blended with tobacco.

Black Currant is a little tart berry that also goes well blended with tobacco

Red Cherry is excellent. It really tastes like real cherry because it is! to see all the tobacco flavors (we have Real Tea Extracts too!)

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