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Headlines saying ‘vaping might cause cancer’ are wildly misleading


Headlines saying ‘vaping might cause cancer’ are wildly misleading

E-cigarettes are in the news again. This time with headlines that they may cause cancer.

But the study that the stories are based on, published in the journal PNAS, doesn’t show this.
What did the study do?

Researchers from New York University School of Medicine looked at how e-cigarette vapour affected the DNA of mice, and human cells in a dish.

They didn’t look at how it affected people. And they didn’t directly compare it to smoking.

The researchers focused on how components of e-cig vapour damage cells’ DNA. And DNA damage increases the risk of cancer.

But they didn’t look directly at whether e-cigs caused cancer, either in mice or in people.
What did the study show?

They found that e-cig vapour raised levels of DNA damage in the lungs, bladders and hearts of mice.

More on the above link

Darth Vaper:
I read that article yesterday. The comments put me at ease.... pretty much nobody was buying it.

Curious to know who funded that study... my bet is Big Tobacco, Pharma, or a Politician looking to tax them.

Not been around long enough to be sure?
How long have we been vaping now Caz? 9 going on 10 years?

Don't know what they are on about.... I happen to like my new 3rd arm.... get more done  :)+1

i've lost count now but i did get a print out of the article from my parents  worried about me vaping   x}   followed by 10 minutes of arguing about it   jeez  these articles cause friction,  pisses me right off.    Really got my blood boiling when my mother started insisting that i still smoke   #@#


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