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Author Topic: Is It Me Or . . .  (Read 3262 times)

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Re: Is It Me Or . . .
« Reply #25 on: January 17, 2018, 06:02:26 PM »
I agree with Caz.
I couldn't have quit the stinky’s without high nic & a mouth to lung vape that resembled the experience of taking a drag on a cigarette, to me direct lung is like breathing but with some taste to it.
The market has to not only attract smokers but it has to keep them so its common sense to continue producing the things that work – high nic & MTL together with a relatively small device.
A lot of people are put off by big heavy devices not only new starters.
I understand manufacturers want as big a profit as they can get so they follow, introduce or invent the next latest trend but without catering for new starters the bubble will eventually burst.
I am now happy with low nic but it did take me 9 years slowly decreasing the nic in my mixes, If it wasn't that high nic (cigarettes included) aggravates my migraine I wouldn't have cut down at all.
My opinion is that as with any product if you don't make introductory things people don't take up the sport, hobby or pastime.
Vaping is a little different in that people start so they don't kill themselves with cigarettes but a lot go back to smoking if they don't get something that gives the same experience – a relatively tight draw and a nic hit together with something easy to carry and use.

Only my thoughts but I know Sue wouldn't even attempt to use my (in her words) stupid fucking great bricks so assume others have the same opinion as she did.

I agree completely with you there Cy.  If the industry wants to continue to focus on providing an alternative to smoking, they had better work harder on engineering devices that meet smoker's needs.  Personally, the IPV V3 an V4 are as big as I like them.  I made the mistake of getting the most recent IPV and it's too big for me to be comfortable with. 


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