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Bull Sh*t vaping saves money for new users

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however meaningful it is to quit smoking... vaping is costing me a fortune. beginners? maybe, but, i've not intention of vaping or a hobby or plan on it being permanent.  with that being said, i'm angry as hell.... spending all this cash... juices i hate.  the juices i love ae  very expensive....  fuck me !!  did i mention i'm also menopausal? lol  forgive me.  yay me i'm 28 days smoke free

Darth Vaper:
Yeah your screwed..... might as well start digging a hole out back.

Congrats on the 28 days smoke free.... Have you tried visiting local vape shops for a "tasting" ?  Might be worth it to make a day of it ... maybe within 1hr range of your house or so.

What flavors are you liking? Maybe someone here can recommend something that fits the "bill"  :)+1

right now I'm a Pimp Juice.. (cheep shit) and it spitting me...  mofo.
I love the the expensive shit.. pitty me

stfu !!  i'm a blue blood kinda girl... i argue with another local shop with their pimp juice.  I love them both but wtf... I'm not made of money....

Yes, 3 local shops... lmao... i;m 56, so my charm doesn't take me far.  idiots...!!


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