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Author Topic: Cancer risk from e-cigarettes > 50 000 (thousand) fold lower than smoking  (Read 871 times)

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Cancer risk from e-cigarettes > 50 000 (thousand) fold lower than smoking


    Saturday, 21 October 2017 08:48



By Dr Farsalinos

Shortly after a study in Tobacco Control identified a very low cancer risk from e-cigarettes compared to tobacco cigarettes, a new study by Italian researchers tried to calculate the risk from e-cigarette exposure and compared with smoking. The authors used measurements of particle size and mass distribution; however, and unlike the scientifically flawed argument that only particle number and size matters, they calculated the risk using the composition of the aerosol and particles using literature data. E-cigarettes were found to expose to about 100-times higher particulate matter-10 μg (PM10) compared to smoking. The fanatic supporters of the particulate matter theory (which is a total misinterpretation of science and should be considered gossip rather than serious scientific debate) would support that e-cigarettes will increase the cancer risk by 100-fold compared to smoking. However, the careful assessment of the aerosol composition of e-cigarettes showed that the cancer risk for vapers is about 5 orders of magnitude lower compared to smoking. To be exact, they identified a 57,000-fold (thousand) lower Excess Lifetime Cancer Risk (ELCR) from vaping compared to smoking. The authors expand by saying that: “… the ELCR evaluated for the mainstream aerosol of ECs results lower to the target limit reported by EPA and WHO. WHO, in fact, reports an ELCR of 1×10-5 as target value (Commission on Environmental Health, 1996), while EPA considers a target risk range of 10-6 to 10-4 to be ‘‘safe and protective of public health” but ‘‘even risks slightly greater than 1×10-4 may be considered adequately protective” under specific conditions (EPA, 1991b).”

I am certain this study will generate ZERO publicity. This is very common for studies showing anything positive on e-cigarettes. After so many studies published in the past few years, smokers still believe that e-cigarettes as similarly or more harmful than smoking. Sad for public health…

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 :)+1   So less than walking down a city street breathing in all the trafic fumes

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If you are willing to pay for a copy of the study he cites, there is a table that gives the risks of everything from clean air to smoking and a bunch of things in between. You have to create an account at a reprint service and pay some amount (depending on how you want to use it) for the full study research paper. (I didn't check how much this one costs, but another paper I saw at a different service cost $41 for a PDF. You could probably paraphrase parts of it, but quoting it or posting the whole thing would likely be a copyright violation.)
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Sadly, the good Dr.Farsalinos is absolutely correct in assuming that this good news story will certainly not see publication in any of the daily news outlets- far too many people have a vested interest in hiding the truth about E Cigarettes.
I am still told by non-vaping parties that they are harmful and I will find out, sooner or later.
They just don't believe that we could be better informed.



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