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vape..your journey
« on: February 12, 2017, 01:17:35 PM »
so what ya using used and gonna use
not hard really
how you progressed in your journey...let me start you off

tw ego
lava tube, clockworks attie
stigg juno kayfun
more kayfuns and tube mods like Nemesis
box mods provari and the odd leo
dani box and kayfun
juice el toro cigarelo all the way through 
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Re: vape..your journey
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2017, 02:39:37 PM »
901's batteries
510's batteries
ego batteries
ego passthrough batteries
light up box mod
20/30 w istick
ego c attys

collecting dust,  nearly all versions of atties out.   :))

oh and i have two good rebuildable atties that i've never tried   O:-)

tried tons of juice,  throughout 9 years spent most of the time with  state express,  stapple express, cherry, strawberry,  but mostly apple. 
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Re: vape..your journey
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2017, 06:02:54 PM »
ive missed a load out
some one purpose (ego-c's)
so many mech mods i needed (pretty much all the same)
and a few i have forgot i had until some else mentions them like a 901 screw driver
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Re: vape..your journey
« Reply #3 on: February 12, 2017, 07:28:07 PM »
In chronological order... best I can remember


Super Mini RN4081
Janty Stick/ 801 pen style
Mini 801 pipe
510 Titan
DIY Laser mod
DIY box mod
DIY flashlight mod
Ego Twist
DIY Tube mod PWM
Vapage VModXL Skounker (w/KICK)
K100 (w/KICK)
DIY Tube mod (w/KICK)
Nemesis (w/KICK)
DIY Tube mod (w/KICK)
iSticks 20/30/40
Kanger KBox Mini
Aspire NX75

4081 polyfill carts
901 polyfill carts
801 polyfill carts
306 polyfill carts
510 polyfill carts
DIY modded 510 small tank no polyfill
510 cartomisers
510 tankomiser
Various plastic 510 and Ego cartos
Ego C
Cartomiser Tanks
CE2 clearomisers
DIY modded CE2
Vivi Nova
Octopus RDA
Kayfun Lite Plus
Kayfun V5

The last three are my favorites.  :)+1

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Re: vape..your journey
« Reply #4 on: February 13, 2017, 09:07:41 AM »
V4L (Vapor4Life) stick batteries, cartos and chargers - ultimately around 40 batteries, close to a thousand cartos, and nine chargers. Quickly dropped the under-36 mg/ml cartos and all tobacco flavors in favor of sour cherry and sour green apple and menthol. Rotating three rigs at a time and chain vaping.

Began buying juice and refilling cartos (until, the coils gunked up). SC, SGA, M at 36.

ViVi Nova tank cartos on the stick batteries. Still with 36 mg/ml s cherry and s green apple and menthol. Still chain vaping

SMOK Grippers - a VV box mod with a fairly fragile case. Drop these and live with rubber bands wrapping them. Topped by the ViVi Novas, and commercial juice. Still three-rigging and chain vaping.

Joyetech eVics - a VV/VW tube mod. My first 18650 mods - 4 rigs (2 to carry 2 spares plus 2 replacement electronics packages dozens of batteries and four high-end four-bay charges (plenty backup). Topped with the ViVi Novas.

Began mixing my own juice at 36 mg/ml. Dropped the menthol because two rigs at VW allowed something less than full time chain vaping and the rigs had time to cool.

Switched to eVic Supremes - a little bigger, a little heavier, a little techier. Again 4 rigs plus spares.

Experimented with a couple of Yeahsmo Origen drippers and coil winding. Ended up with every size of round and ribbon Kanthal wire available from Temco plus a half dozen kinds of wicking material and coil winding tools (including one I made myself. A big dripper puff with 36 mg/ml is a serious experience!

Around this time I began mixing my juice at 48-50 mg/ml and cutting back on flavors - down to a few drops in  a 30 ml bottle. Surprisingly in addition to reducing the time spent vaping, my total daily nicotine intake dropped as well.

Completely quit adding any flavor to my juice. Switched to carrying only one rig, as the reduced vaping time meant my rigs had plenty of time to cool down between sessions.

Began using Aspire Nautilus with the "Hollowed" (metal covered) replacement tanks. Quickly began using the BVC (bottom vertical coil) atomizers.

iLeaf iStick 20 mods became my standard. Four in rotation and 4 or 5 spares (which I frequently gave away as starter kits for friends who wanted to try vaping). So much lighter and shorter than the eVics - a big advantage for someone who has always carried my rigs in my shirt pocket.

A potentially serious lapse of attention found me vaping 100 mg/ml in straight PG (I got interrupted during mixing and forgot to dilute my nic base with an equal part of VG). It turned out to not be so bad as a vape. It really cut down my time with a rig in my hand. However, the hugely increased amount of nicotine slightly raised my daily intake. The next batch (starting with two of my 60 ml bottles of nic base) got 60 ml of VG added to make 67 mg/ml in a 2:1 PG/VG carrier, which is my current all-day juice.

A whim got me two of Chels XvoSticks (which use the Evolv dna40 electronics). They are a bit heavy and sharp edged for shirt pocket carry, but they stand nicely next to my reading chair and on my computer desk.

Evolv and VaporShark collaborated on making TC replacement coils for the Nautilus, so I began using the TC capabilities of the XvoSticks (Evolv dna40 electronics). I expect my next move will be to the smallest iStick that supports TC - the iStick40, I think. I can wait until the (non replaceable) batteries in the iStick20s begin to fail.
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Re: vape..your journey
« Reply #5 on: February 16, 2017, 12:17:09 AM »
Um 2.5 years ain't that long of a journey in the scheme of things, but here we go.
Couple of Ego style sticks w/a pair of atty's that I didn't stick with for very long.  Wanted more vape, more flavor.
Aspire Nautilus
50W iStick
Nautilus Mini
Nautilus X
Nautilus 4 way kit (haven't even broken into that sucker yet)
Veratas dripper
Couple other drippers that slip my mind
SKM KayFun V5
Evic VTC Mini
Pioneer4You IPV 5
Pioneer4You IPV 6
Pioneer4You IPV D3S
I've got a couple of sub-ohm tanks, but they ain't my style.

Started with juice from the local shop same place I got my starter kit.  Started off with tobacco w/menthol and tried several flavors over the years, but nothing really stuck with me.  Flavors would be fine when I tried them and after a tank the flavor drifted away.  I've found a premium juice that I really like, Glazed Vapor's Ė Strawberry Cream Filled, but it fades quickly too.  Ended up at and found a line of juice that $11.99 for 120ml is the best deal I've ever seen.  TMAXX'S No Frills MLS!!!  Now I've got a large source of something similar to my favorite and a few others that aren't too bad either. 
-- Rik
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Re: vape..your journey
« Reply #6 on: February 16, 2017, 06:14:58 AM »
I donít remember the order or even Ĺ the stuff I have used, especialy attys.
It will be 8 years ish since I bought a cig-alike off eBay, for the novelty factor, all you could get at the time.
I had no intention of quitting the stinkys but the change to vaping happened without trying.
First attys had the 901 threads even on Screwdriver my first commercial mod.
Then came the 510 stuff that progressed through to the things we use today but not always for the better, we had to mod almost everything back then just to get it to work reasonably well.
I had a long time using mech mods with Genesis tanks or drippers then I got a Kayfun and that was it.
Favourites at the moment are a copper Vanilla,  RX 200 & a Pico with a either Kayfun 5, Serpent mini or an Axiom.
I donít buy any atty that I canít use a reabuilable deck with and still like a 1.8 Ω single coil build.
Cloud chasing isnít for me, I donít see the point in annoying everyone around me or going through liquid and batteryís at an alarming rate.
I have a few drippers left in the arsenal but after the first Kayfun I moved to tanks almost full time.
The best thing is I met all of you through vaping, a lot of you will remember the other place that got me to join me first forum may it rest in peace. >:D


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