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Buku Vapor Select is an ejuice line out of New Orleans.  This is a good ejuice line that you may not have heard of.  They have 5 distinct eliquid flavors, Bedrocker (fruity pebble flavored cereal vape), Crunk Berries (Capt'n Crunch Berries cereal vape, Soul Patch (like sour patch candy), Birthday Suit (birthday cake flavored dessert eliquid), and Fruit Scroll Up (fruit roll up type of juice).

Buku Vapor select is another great ejuice line, one amongst many that you can find at #vapemail.  Come by today and check out our great selection of premium ejuice and eliquid!  Remember if you're buying more than a few bottles, get it in a #vapemail flightbox, it's our volume discount program and is the best vape deal we offer! 

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Cake Vapors is another really good dessert eliquid line we offer at #vapemail.  They have three flavor offerings, Shortcake (strawberry shortcake), Tiramisu, and Blue Velvet (blueberry red velvet cake).  My personal favorite from the line is blue velvet, it's smooth and rich, and really has that red velvet cake taste to it.  We offer the entire Cake Vapors ejuice line in 30ml and multiple nic levels, and select flavors in 120ml bottles.

Give any of these great ejuice flavors from Cake Vapors a try today here at #vapemail. 

Looking for something new to try?  Look into our 7 piece custom vapemail flightbox.  It's your choice of seven bottles of almost everything (except the really big bottles, of course) on our site all for one low price!  It's the best vape deal we offer! 

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Charlie's Chalk Dust eliquid is one of those lines that you just have to love.  They've been around forever, and their juice is fantastic.  They have two main lines, the original line up (Dream Cream, Head Bangin' Boogie, Peanut Butter & Jesus, Slamberry and Trueberry Sugar and Knife), their white label ejuice line (Drama Swirl, Honey Badger, Wonder Worm and Mustache Milk), and CCD3.  There are A LOT of real winners in their ejuice offering, which is precisely why Cosmic Charlie's Chalk Dust eliquid has stood the test of time.

Our most popular from the line are far and away Honey Badger and Drama Swirl.  Trueberry Sugar and Knife (along with having an insanely awesome name) is one of my personal favorite eliquids in general.

You can find Charlie's Chalk Dust, and many other really top notch eliquid brands for sale everyday at #vapemail.  Quick and free US shipping, and a great ejuice selection.  Come by today and let us earn your loyalty!

And remember, if you're ordering more than a few bottles of eliquid, or are looking to try something new without breaking the bank, checkout our #vapemail flightbox, it's basically a volume discount on ejuice.  The more you buy the better the choices and prices!

Debonaire ejuice is an eliquid line that you might not have heard of.  This is one of our lesser known lines, but well worth the try.  They have four flavors, Haden (kind of a Hawaiian Punch type of flavor - fruit punch), Smith (granny smith apple - awesome!), Loire (freshly picked, ripe strawberries) and Flint (fruity pebbles like cereal vape).  This is a great little line with a lot to offer, and definitely one I'd suggest grabbing a bottle or two with in your next 7 piece vapemail flightbox.

Debonaire is a great ejuice line with some real gems.  My personal favorite is Smith, I just love it, it's tangy and sour, really good.

Next time you need to top up your ejuice collection, or want to try something new, think vapemail!  We have a fantastic selection of some of the best ejuice and eliquid on the market, freaky fast shipping, and a quick and easy age verification process.

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Empyrean eliquid is an eliquid line that's a bit obscure, but incredibly good.  They have three flavors, Cirrus (probably the best cinnamon roll vape on the market), Cumulus (iced lemon poundcake ejuice), and Stratus (strawberry shortcake).  These are all very high VG, so they have excellent cloud production, and are all masterfully blended by a local friend who opened up the line. 

Empyrean is a really, really good line.  If you don't try anything else from this line, you need to get your hands on some Cirrus, it's absolutely fantastic.

You can try these and many other of the best eliquids on the market today at #vapemail.  Fast and free US shipping, great ejuice selection, and low prices (especially when you buy in a vapemail flightbox) are exactly what makes #vapemail the best vape site!


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