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Hi Everyone!  We've been on this forum for a while and will be adding information on what we offer, how we work, and general information on this thread. 

We're an online only vape shop, and offer a wide selection of ejuice from some really good brands.  I'll be detailing them all in posts as we go, but our most popular are probably Fixx-E, Golden Ticket by Met4, 13th Floor Elevapors, Possum Trot Max VG, Twisted Drips,  Empyrean and Moku Oyatsu.  We've got a bunch more too, some hard to find lines, all really good.

We offer a vapemail flightbox.  This is not any type of subscription or anything like that.  It's basically our volume discount program.  The more you buy the less our costs are in shipping and packaging.  So we pass those savings on to you.  The best ejuice deal is our 7 piece custom flightbox, it's any 7 bottles of ejuice on our site (except the really big bottles) for one low price.

We primarily offer eliquid, but we do have just a few other vape supplies.  Our primary focus though is ejuice. 

We always ship free inside the US, and pretty fast.  Any orders that get to us before the truck goes out for the day and are age verified go out the same day, and usually arrive in just a few days (depending on where they're going and the vagueries of the USPS). 

We have an age verification system in place, we require first time customers to send us a pic of their ID to verify age.  We'll email you after your initial order to start up that process. We place age verified customers in a specific group in our system, and we don't bug you again  unless we have to (we do internal audits from time to time to ensure that everyone in that group has actually verified).  We've looked at a number of different ways to do this, but we felt that this was the least intrusive while still maintaining compliance and ensuring that we don't sell to minors. 

We offer the full line from Possum Trot eliquid here at #vapemail.  This is a Wizard of Oz themed ejuice line out of Kansas City, made by EPure labs (one of the best manufacturing facilities for e liquid you'll find).  This is a very big line, offering 10 different flavors.  Smorenado is a mix of marshmallow, chocoloate, graham cracker and a little bit of tobacco.  Witches Brew is one of my personal favorites from the line, it's a marshmallow sweet mix with just a hint of fruit in there, this one's hard to describe for me, but it's really good.  The Nut Behind the Curtain is a pecan pie based ejuice, it's good, but to me personally it always smells kind of burnt somehow, so not my top of the pile, but my wife loves it.  Emerald City Pie is their take on classic apple pie.  Munchkin Crunch is a fruity Captain Crunchberry type of cereal vape.  Cowardly Custard is a smooth and rich custardy vape.  Flying Monkey is like a banana walnut bread, it's sweet with nutty undertones.  Melting Melons is their melon mix with canataloupe, watermelon and honeydew, and is another really good juice.  Finally yellowberry road, this eliquid is a sweet and sour blueberry lemonade.
Possum Trot Max VG is a really good ejuice line, with a full lineup of flavors there is definitely something for everyone.  And the manufacturing on this line is definitely done right, EPure is one of the best ejuice manufacturing firms in the industry.

We strive to always bring you the best eliquid selection at the best prices here at #vapemail.   Always free US shipping, and freaky fast to your door.  Give us a try today and find out why we're the best!
If you're buying more than a few bottles, be sure to checkout our #vapemail flightbox, it's basically a volume discount on ejuice!  The more you buy the better the deals!

13th Floor Elevapors, with Django, Bermuda, and Levitation, is another really good, three ejuice liquid line we offer at #vapemail.  Django is a coffee-ish tobacco flavor, Bermuda is sour apple with a touch of champagne, and Levitation is a blueberry muffin milkshake.  All really good, 13th Floor is a line you should really give a try if you had any of their eliquid.

So come by the next time you need any ejuice, or eliquid.  We're dedicated to becoming the best vape site, and you first choice when you need to stock up on ejuice!

The best selection of the finest ejuice and hig quality eliquid, available from #vapemail!  Make sure to check out our vapemail flightbox if you're buying more than a few bottles, it's basically our volume discount, the more you buy, the better the deals!

So if you haven't tried this one, it's another really good ejuice line.  &Drip ejuice has only three flavors, but they are all worth a try.  This line has one of my personal favorites, Salt & Crml & Cream, this is a a salted (theroretically, I personally don't taste this) caramel cream.  It's got that rich caramel flavor, I love it.  Pom & Berry & Apple is a pomegranate, acai, and apple flavored fruit blend vape, and berry & Cone & Cream is a strawberry ice cream cone.   Again, for me Salt & Crml & Cream is hands down the best vape from this line.

So remember the next time you're looking for some new ejuice to try, or to stock up on your favorites, #vapemail wants you!  We want to earn your business through our great eliquid selection, fast and free US shipping, and pain free age verification process!
Come by today and grabe some eliquid from your new favorite vape site!  As always, if you're buying more than a few bottles, don't forget to check out our #vapemail flightbox, it's our bulk discount on ejuice.  It's a an awesome deal on the vape you love, the more you buy the cheaper it gets!

Backwoods Vapors is an ejuice line that you might not have heard of or tried before.  This eliquid line is run out of Wisconsin, and it's huge and really good.  They have multiple sublines, Mythical, National Treasure, Original and Supernatural. 

They offer a wide range of ejuice flavors, like the fruity themed Backwoods Mythical line, with Fairy Pool, Dopa Mean, One Hit Wonder and Beard of Zeus. 

The Original line has Dragon's Layer, a complex layered fruit and berry vape, Medusa which is a savory custardy ejuice, and Holy Milk, which is a really good strawberry and cream eliquid.

The National Treasure line is themed on some of our nation's greatest heroes.  Columbus, Einstein, MLK, Abe, and Darwin.

The Supernatural line has two flavors, Lark and solitary.  Lark is one of the best strawberry ice cream ejuice blends out there. And Solitary is a pretty good peach candy flavor.

So come by and give Backwoods Vapors a chance to win you over.  We offer Backwoods Vape ejuice and a wide selection of the best eliquid and ejuice on the market.
Buying more than a few bottles?  Make sure you check out our flightboxes, they're basically just a volume discount, the more you buy the better the deals!!!


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