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Happy 8th Year Vaperversary CYBORG

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Happy 8th Year Vaperversary CYBORG    #P# :)Y)

Congrats on this huge achievment,   you've done a lot over that time providing help and support to fellow vapers and contributing to various vaping forums,   proud to have you here at the den,   your always around on a daily  basis to offer help and encouragement to the den family  x:)x     Thank you Cy  8)

Thanks Caz
Donít know how useful some of my help actually is  :-\
It doesnít seem that long but how things have changed.
I has been an interesting journey from that first cig-alike, you can buy a really good  mod now for what that little cig-alike cost. 

awww cmon  cy  i've read all of your posts over that time period,   you've helped thousands of vapers answering their questions,  giving them encouragement and advice,   you're always around to help me when i need it,  really appreciate it  x:)x   not to mention all the guests reading the posts that you've made over the years.

Mark Burton:
Happy Vapeversary brother!  :)Y)

Congratulations on the tremendous accomplishment, Cy.

I too greatly appreciate all the you have done for the forum.


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