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Real Extracts is a artisan maker of tobacco and tea flavored elixirs for those that are looking for real botanical flavors. Both Ready-to-Use and 3X concentrates are available. Cigarette and cigar leaf flavors are on the website. We also make pure tea extractions.
The company is two years old plus a year before that doing R&D on leaf selection and extraction process.
We never use synthetic flavors, colors or sweeteners in our vaping elixirs - just plant extract, PG and VG. (+nicotine if desired). That's it. We are unique here in the USA as we specialize in single leaf varietals. Our products are still morphing and getting tweaked as we gain more experience over time. The ultimate goal with the cigar extractions is to be able to create an endless range of flavor profiles so that in effect you (and I) can make a custom cigar flavor by blending any of them. The tobacco leaf flavors are all compatible so you can blend them any way that suits you.
We don't know much about the vaping culture in the U.K but we know that orders (and re-orders) are starting to come in. As a consequence we just shipped out today some samples of tobacco and cigar elixirs to one of your prominent members that professed a liking for tobacco. The reviews are starting to show up in your forum.

I smoked for forty+ years and was especially fond of the the old Three Castles cigs in the can until I couldn't get them anymore. I smoked a pipe for years too: Gold Block was my taste - another golden Virginia in the English style. I learned to smoke cigars in Spain as I did business there for ten years driving around in my agents Mercedes Benz smoking another Cuban every two hours or so while making sales calls to factories and sitting down to four hour lunches.
I created the Real Extract Elixirs out of self preservation as my preferred flavor profile was not available here.( English tobaccos, primarily Bright Virginia and Cuban cigars). I did discover that vaping the extracts opened up many tobacco varieties that I did not like to smoke. I didn't smoke Burley for example as it was too strong - however, as an extracted vaping flavor it was heavenly.

If you would like to check us out, please peruse our website:

Contact me with any questions or comments please.
Thanks for checking us out!

welcome to the den Evan,  great to have you here  8)

You can find reviews here -,11688.0.html

Darth Vaper:
Welcome to the Den Evan!!!  :()()

Mark Burton:
Welcome to the Den.  If you are a US based company you may want to check out and if you are over in the EU you want to check out ECITA.

Sorry Darth and Caz, I can't give up my advocacy urges.   ::)

We have redesigned our Real Tobacco Extracts website. Old logins won't work We are preparing for increasing FDA restrictions coming soon. Current registered members will need to re-register as we are using a new host and database. So...please register as a new member, you can register with the same user name & password if desired (or not). Register here:

(Don't forget to use your 20% discount code when ordering!: VAPERSDEN20)



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