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two hybrids and a genny (silver dog, moon, stormrider)


a few pieces of gear that haven't been used for a while and are seeking new loving homes :)

Bundle price 110 or separately for:

1. Steamboy Stormrider genesis great condition
genuine genesis atomizer serial no. 2095, SS with brass airflow ring.
it comes with the SS tank , spare o-rings and hex screws (deck is fitted with philips screws)
currently retailing at: 40
SS tank: I cannot find it on their website but it was around 10
selling for 30 (shipping & paypal fees included)

2.  Silver Dog v2 genesis hybrid in immaculate condition.
All 3 tubes xx350, xx500, xx650
One of the top caps has a hardly visible dent, but I include a spare one! no other scratches or marks.
I was planning to drill one of them to dual airflow however I never got round to doing it. Also including spare insulators.
retail was 165 ~ 123
selling for 70 (shipping & paypal fees included)

3. Moon genesis hybrid
Hand turned in Hungary, full aluminium body with white led. It comes with 18650 and 18350 tubes, 2 spare tanks (poly and pyrex), orings.
All in great condition. usual hairline marks on one of the aluminium bases but nothing that cannot be polished out.
retail for this with all the spares was 90 (115)
asking for 40 (shipping & paypal fees included)

thank you :)

MOON hybrid is now sold.

price drop for Silver dog and Stormrider as a bundle to 80

FINAL PRICE DROP TO 70 for the lot (fees and shipping included)

or separately 60 for the Silver Dog
and 20 for the Stormrider

one last price drop to 60 for the lot (fees and shipping included)

or separately 50 for the Silver Dog
and 15 for the Stormrider

Stormrider is now Sold,

Silver Dog v2 still up for sale for 50  (shipping and fees included in price)



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