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squonking tube tainting juice


squonking, as you may know is a way of delivering your juice to the attie by feeding it through the bottom of the 510 connector via a bottle in the mod
the tube used is not great and sometimes can taint your juice flavour wise, not so bad with heavy juices like custard but more subtle flavours suffer
so i decided to use a drink straw
like the ones you get in 20p cup drinks and bang through the lid, connect it to the mod with a very small bit of the original tube

i then drilled a fresh bottle top out to 3.8mm and pulled the straw through it, it was a very tight fit but with so time and a light touch it went in fine

all finished, a food safe drinking plastic straw delivering my juice as pure as intended, used all day and not one leak

i have ordered some food safe tubing but this got me out of trouble until it arrives and work like a charm

 :)+1   thanks for sharing   8)

Nice Job Ean.

Very nice mod, Ean.

cheers vf  :)+1


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