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A warm Den welcome to all the new members online this week

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Darth Vaper:
Just wanted to take the time to welcome all the new members online this week.

I know many of us here would really like it if you introduced yourselves here so we can properly greet you. Let us know how your getting along with vaping. What equipment you use.. what flavors and brands you like or whatever is on your mind. If you are having difficulties with vaping let us know so we can help you enjoy vaping better.

We are a fun loving bunch.. don't be shy. Its okay to use this thread for your introduction or start one of your own in this section of the forum if you wish.

Howdy folks... !!!
I'm quite new to vaping, just under 2 weeks, trying to get off the cancer sticks.
I'm currently using the Aspire k2 and ready to upgrade.  8)
Appreciate you having me part of your forum in hopes I can learn more.

 Hi Dizzy
Welcome to the Den.
Must be hard for new vapers with all the kit out now, was easy for me back at the start it was a cig-alike or nothing.

welcome to the den. Good bunch here so fire away with any questions you might have.

Welcome to the Den Dizzy. As the others have said, we are a very friendly bunch. We don't judge, have ego's or create/encourage drama. We also love helping new vapers, no matter what level you are at. Fire away with any questions and between us all, we can help.


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