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Author Topic: Head shops in vape rant.  (Read 2067 times)

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Head shops in vape rant.
« on: August 01, 2015, 09:50:11 PM »
So dry herb vape is a fairly well established subset of the vape world.
I cannot see how it will gain popularity with many outside the weed culture, but there it is.
The rant is about these shops in general.  We do share a few common items.  Batteries for one.
The thing is, you place an order, and they are too stoned to care.
But if you cancel that order,  you can bet that it will harsh their mellow.
My last run in with one such shop was through amazon, where sunshine widgets has MNKE 26650s listed in 4 packs.
it sat a week with no progress so I canceled.
Since it was through amazon, I had the leverage to do so without much drama. They finally got around to emailing me and I told them to sober up. Prior to cancelation,  I checked out the rest of what they sell, or try to make believe they sell.  Head shop all the way.
I wish these twits would leave vape alone.  We are dealing with the whims of China the way it is, where knockoffs and counterfeits are a cottage industry.  It's bad enough that we might get a AAA NiCad in a tube wrapped to look like a Sony 18650 without some dimwitted stoner with no work or business ethics pretending to serve the vaping community.


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