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I was a pipe smoker until I tried cigars, and I really loved 'em. Both nearly bankrupted me though, expensive pipe tobacco (oh but it tasted so good) and any of you who smoked decent cigars knows how much those cost! Then one day I had the cover off my computer, and yuck! Brown dust cemented into place by sticky tobacco residue... Looked similar to Gorilla Glue if you know what that is, almost as sticky too lol. I smoked  about 7 of the biggest cigars they make per day and it was affecting me. I had a cough, even though cigars aren't inhaled, just from the smoke in the room that I was inhaling, and it was all getting to be too much. Being concerned about my health (I had quit pipe smoking once before from what it was doing to me), I decided to try vaping. So one day at the B&M tobacconist shop I bought a cigalike and thought I had the world by the butt and the answer to my problems. Until on the way home (30 minute drive) it began to run out of steam (literally). Next day it was working again but then the battery died, I assume, with plenty of juice left in it. I had done some reading about tanks, and so, wanting a glass tank, I bought a Protank II, some juice from the local B&M and a battery. Since then I've bought 2 more Protank IIs, one with blue glass just for my rarely used menthol vape, and more batteries (2 eVod USB and 2 K6 1300 mah AV) and I've never had a thought for a cigar or pipe since. I never intend(ed) to quit nicotine and I still don't intend to. I only want to enjoy "smoking" without the health issues and the nasty residue all over everything. And I do. I enjoy vaping much more than I did smoking, I get as much if not more satisfaction from it, and the computer, not to mention the whole house, is cleaner and happier. I vape constantly all day long and half the night. Saving a lot of money even so, over the cost of the cigars and exotic pipe tobaccos. The Protank IIs have been going strong for more than a year, the batteries are doing fine and all I need is my juice and new coils now and then. I haven't spent much on hardware at all. I also have 3 rebuildable drippers but I rarely use them. I prefer tanks that don't need dripping, since I vape all the time. I go through about 2 tanks of juice a day, sometimes 3, with the Protanks and that would be a lot of dripping with the rebuildables (plus I can't stop vaping long enough to wind coils, lol). I've found juices that I like and I never experiment with flavors anymore, so it's all easy and good and I feel much better without the cigars and pipe and my wallet feels better too! So yeah... :)

Congrats and thanks for sharing your story with us  8)   You sound really content with your set up,  no need really to seek out new stuff just stay with what your happy with. 

Who would have thought quitting smoking would be so pleasurable   ???     i knew i had to quit for years and years  but the thought always filled me with dread and then i found vaping   8)

I was resigned to smoking until death (because I'm like that) and only tried a cigalike out of curiosity, after hearing a story about them on NPR.  Immediately started ordering (while having no idea what I was doing), and finally found my ideal devices (RTA's on medium-power mods and dual or triple-coil RDA's on hi-power mods). 

But even though it took awhile, I never bought smokes again after trying that first crappy cigalike (I did finish off the last carton though - it takes a LONG time to ship stuff out here).  Why would I want to smoke when I can vape?  For me, it was a no-brainer.  Which, for me, is appropriate.

RTA's?  Is that correct?  I've always wondered, that's the proper way to pluralize abbreviations?  Pete?


--- Quote from: failte on February 24, 2015, 04:35:02 AM ---<snip>
RTA's?  Is that correct?  I've always wondered, that's the proper way to pluralize abbreviations?  Pete?

--- End quote ---

Nope. No apostrophe. Apostrophes are for creating possessives (Pete's) and for indicating where letters have been left out (can't for cannot). They are also used in simple typography as single quotes as generally used in UK areas (He said, 'Be careful where you use apostrophes!'). In the US we tend to use double quotes to set off speech (I said, "We Yanks always like to be different.").

So it would be RTAs.

EDIT: Strictly speaking, RTA is a TLA (Three Letter Acronym) rather than an abbreviation. However, abbreviations are also pluralized with a simple "s" or "es" - no apostrophes there, either.

EDIT2: Nautical terminology is rife with apostrophes: fo'c'sle for forecastle and bo's'n for boatswain.

I agree with Caz  MaineVaper in that your switch from smoking pipes and cigars was an easier transition than most!  You were really fortunate to hit on the perfect vape and the perfect juice early in your journey.  I have always quite liked the smell of pipe tobacco and some cigars too!  As for the "film" the smoke leaves on everything, I can certainly relate to that.  I really must get at painting the ceilings in this old war time house of mine, they are yellow from my own cigg smoking!  . Feels/looks so unclean and as you so aptly put "happier" .   A great success story, thank you for sharing!  Love reading these!  . K


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